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Theme 12

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Theme 11

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  • Optional Infinite Scroll
  • Optional Random Image on Sidebar
  • etc!

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Theme 10

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Theme 9

New theme!

- 3 columns post

- Jquery Mansory

- Cute sidebar

- Cute navigation


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- Infinite Scroll

- Hover top notes

- 2 Columns

- Change bold n italics

- etc

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Patterns / Backgrounds


They were made by me, Jéssica. Credit me if you use them!

Theme 7 released!

- Infinite Scrolling

- Hover top notes

- Change bold and italics color.

- etc!

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Create a tagged post page.

1. First make sure you have tagged all the post you want. For example, “gif”. Here’s the example:

2. Then, write this code at the place you want the link to show up.

<a href="">Yourlink</a>

Change “YourURL” with your own tumblr URL and “YOURTAG” with your desired tag. For Example, If I want the post with the tag “gif”, I will write:

<a href=””>GIF</a>

3. Remember, making a new page and making a tagged post page is different. A tagged post page shows your post, your reblogged things etc. A new page is just for extra information, for example FAQs page, Favourites page. Etc!

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